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350x245 mm 144 pages. Soft cover with dust jacket. 

From the cover: 

I AM is an artistic photo essay that tells my own story. In my world, we inhabit a nondual existence where traditional binaries such as good and evil, dark and light, masculine and feminine do not stand in opposition to each other, but constitute natural and complementary parts of us all. We harbour respect for every living being and understand our task in the eternal cycle of life.

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”En trollbindande förening mellan natur och människa”. Nya Åland.

”Bilderna visar inte hur jag ser verkligheten, de visar hur jag upplever den” anonym besökare

"What I saw in his photography is the hidden structure of life. And I had goosebumps." Barcelona 2022.

Boken I AM finns med på Undervisnings- och kulturministeriets rekommendationer för inköp av kvalitetslitteratur. 

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